Completely unique mobile dining experience

A Very Unusual Firebox…

Pizza Loco’s design is nothing quite like anything else, and makes for a formidable focal point at any event.

Based on a heavy duty twin-axle cattle trailer, it’s been radically adapted and re-modelled to capture the spirit of the early pioneers of the steam age.

Inside the cab it has a firebox, just like a real steam train. Instead of a coal furnace though, our trailer has been fitted with a traditional wood-burning oven based on a centuries-old Italian design.

The super-insulated oven is designed to heat up to its optimum baking temperature of around 450°C in a couple of hours. Once it’s fired up it can turn out more than one perfectly crisp, thin, and bubbly-crusted pizza a minute.

Chuffin’ eck!

Pizza Loco

The Pizza Locomotive is something that’s difficult to comprehend initially, but once you catch site of a steaming hot Neapolitan pizza fresh out of the firebox, you begin to understand the method behind the madness.

We can ping those out at 80 pizzas an hour, so if you’ve got 100+ party guests, we’re up for it.

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Our green credentials

We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and this is reflected in our corporate philosophy.

As much as possible, we source our ingredients from farmers, growers, and independent businesses close to our base in order to keep food miles to a minimum.

We grow a variety of herbs and vegetables in our own little market garden, and any meat that we use is always organic and ethically farmed.

We keep packaging to a minimum and we serve our pizzas on plates made from recycled sugar cane, or boxes made from recycled card.

Our oven is fuelled by carbon-neutral timber, harvested from managed woodland in North Yorkshire where new trees are planted to replace those cut down.